About me

The woman who loves Chai and making people smile.

Heya! I’m Romi. 20 years old from Israel, working in Cyber Security and Web Design.

I like people, I love seeing people smile, and I wake up every morning knowing that today – I’ll do something for someone. Anyone.

Oh, and I love Chai tea… if you haven’t noticed already.

I’ve been active in forums that discuss mental health, and generally venting & listening to people dealing with any problems around the globe, for a couple of years. Currently active in 7cupsoftea: https://www.7cups.com/@RomiB

I’ve always wanted to help people, but it really hit me when my good friend committed suicide 2 years ago. My understanding of depression back then was pretty weak, so I didn’t really know how to digest the situation. The first and repeating question I was asking myself was – “How did I not notice what’s going on?”

Knowing now that depression has one hell of a mask of happiness and self-control it shouldn’t “bother” my conscience, I let myself concentrate on learning mental toughness while implementing it in my processes with my problem-solving-and-venting partners.

While talking through problems with people is a big deal for me and for them, I want to also ASPIRE.

…So I opened this blog!

Here I’ll be writing about inspiring stories, dealing with depression and mental health, guide you through orienting your passion for compassion (see what I did there?) and discuss with you about how to make your and others life happier.

Now, I’ll be sipping on my Chai with milk while you explore around. So long, for now! ♥