Well hello there!

Come in, make yourself at home. Some tea, maybe?

What? Earl Grey? No, no… we only have Chai here.

So, how did you get here? And, why? I’m being rude. Let me show you around, first.

I started this blog from my desire of sharing, inspiring and helping. Who? Anyone that stumbles upon this blog, which I guess are likely to be interested in Depression and mental illnesses and\or are struggling with one of them or more.

Here I’ll be posting about:

  • People making this world a happier place, and how you can be one of them
  • Thing that make me smile
  • The life of an individual with depression
  • Struggling with mental health
  • Taking care of Depression and Suicide Tendencies
  • General interesting Psychological facts and stories

And more to come!

Your contributions are important and mostly WELCOME!

Whether you want to share interesting stories, publish your own story (anonymously or not) and anything you can think about, contact me. 🙂


– Ro.


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. This is bizarre.

    I think I know you. We have a mutual friend. For privacy’s sake I won’t reveal his name here but my Facebok is (Jonathan Darsa). Just so you know I’m not a random creep. I found your blog by accident because I’ve been reading about suicide (I’m interested in this subject, wrote a post on my own).

    I think I’ll be coming back because you’l be writing about topics I’m interested in, too. Of course, if this is all too weird for you I’ll be gone. Good luck with the writing!


    • Spooky. Small world! I’m not getting the vibe of “creep”, at all. I’ll be glad to have you here as well as your feedback. It’s not weird a bit, but a crazy coincidence! Just read your post “the right to die” and I think we can offer each other different perspective in an interesting way 🙂 looking forward to hearing from you again! (Feel free to contact me on private if you’d like to)


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